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There are no doubts that the date center market is developing. There are plenty of prerequisites for this: data transfer volumes are growing, cloud solutions are developing, new technologies are appearing so the higher capabilities are needed. At first thought it may seem that SCS is not very important in data center projects, because this passive equipment takes up only 4% in the constructions. It is customary to pay more attention to air conditioning and power systems. And this is precisely the main mistake. A cable system is a kind of foundation that affects the performance critically. Inaccuracies and errors in this part are unacceptable, because there are difficult to fix them.
The GKoptic team is ready to provide full support, from the consulting concerning the cabling systems in data centers, to proposing solutions that take into account the specific features of the project.

Data center


FTTx – Fiber To The X is a concept describing a general approach to the cable infrastructure organization in the network access from a communication center to a certain place (point “x”) and then to the subscriber. The connection with the subscriber can be with copper cable and it is also possible that the optics is laid directly to the subscriber device. FTTx is inextricably linked with the ability to provide a large number of new services.
The FTTx family includes various types of architecture:

    • FTTN (Fiber to the Node)
    • FTTC (Fiber to the Curb)
    • FTTB (Fiber to the Building)
    • FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

The FTTB architecture is most prevalent, since the construction of FTTx networks based on Ethernet (ETTx) is often the only technically possible scheme. In addition, the costs for FTTB network operation are lower and the bandwidth is higher. The FTTB architecture dominates in newly constructed buildings and with large telecom operators, while FTTH will be in demand only in new low-rise constructions.
GKoptic offers a range of FTTx solutions for any architecture.

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