125gbps multimode to single mode converter

155Mbps Multimode To Single-mode Converter


The GKC-1020MS is used to convert a Single-mode fiber signals to a Multimode equivalent that extends the long span fiber connections easily and inexpensively. 155Mbps supports 100Base-SX/LX multimode to single-mode conversion. This media converter can be installed as a standalone unit or as a slide-in module to the 19″converter rack (up to 14 units) for use at a central hub.


Product Features

  • Easy Intergration
  • Cost Effective
  • Solid and highly durable construction
  • Distances ranging from 2km (multimode) to 120km (single-mode)
  • Standalone or composite applications
  • Status LED for easy monitoring of device status
  • Allows for the conversion between Single-mode fiber and Multimode fiber or simply extending fiber transmission distances
  • The wavelength may be 1310nm and 1550nm Single-mode, and 1310nm Multimode

Technical Details:

Mode Multimode to Single-mode
Maximum Distance 120km Single-mode
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70°C
Input Power 2A +5V, Comes with 115V Adapter
Height 26.2mm
Width 70mm
Depth 94mm

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