Fiber Optic Patch Panel GKCF-2U

Fiber Optic Patch Panel GKCF-2U

Fiber Optic Patch Panels also called fiber optic distribution box,can be categorized into Pre-Loaded Fiber Optic Patch Panels and Unloaded patch panels, most of them are designed for rack mounted use on fiber optic cabinet .

We have a lot of options to fulfill your requirements, such as different adapter types, wall mounted & rack mount, 12 port, 24 port, 48 port,72 port, 96 port or 144 port. Gkoptic’s fiber patch panel accept whole range of adapters ,including SC, ST, FC, LC adapters. Individual front adapters easy to assemble and exchange, the metal frame is made by cold rolled steel and in stander 1U finished height.



  • fiber to the building (FTTB)
  • optical network
  • local area networks
  • wide area networks


  • 19’’ ,1~4 U standard structure, rack mounting
  • Applicable in the termination
  • Available for FC,LC,SC,ST adapter
  • Adapter and related plates easy to assemble and exchange

Technical Details:

Product name Fiber Patch Panel Connector SC/LC/ST/FC
Product Model GKCF-2U Packing Size 435*200*95 mm
Ports 48 Product Height 2 U
Max Capacity ST/FC/SC 48 or LC 96 Material Cold rolled plate
Installation Type 19 inch frame G. weight 3 kg
Accessories: 1.Ears : 2 pcs.
2.Screws : 8 pcs.
3.Cable tie : 4 pcs .
4.Fiber optic adapter : LC/UPC-LC/UPC DX 48 pcs.
5.Fiber optic pigtail : LC/UPC 96 pcs.

Product Photos:

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