FTTH Fiber Optic LC/UPC SingleMode Fast Connector

FTTH Fiber Optic LC/UPC SingleMode Fast Connector

An optical fiber fast connector is a flexible device that connects fiber cables requiring a quick connection and disconnection, keeping the ends of the fiber properly aligned, let the fiber receiver can get the maximum light from the launching fiber, and minimize the energy loss for the system because of the intervention of the optic link, this is the basic requirement for the fiber optic connector. To some extent, the fiber optic connectors have some effect on the stability and performance of the fiber-optical transmission system.



  • Used to open the FTTH fiber terminal end.
  • In the box, cabinet, such as wiring into the box.
  • Off the back of the accidents such as fiber, maintenance.
  • LAN, wan, data and video transmission.
  • The construction of the fiber end user access and maintenance.
  • Optical fiber access of mobile basestation


  • Insertion loss:≤0.40dB ,Return loss:LC/APC≥55dB.
  • Mechaincal Durability:500matings
  • Storage temperature:-40℃to+85℃
  • Operation temperature:- 40 ~ + 85 ℃
  • Tensile Strengh:>40N
  • SC connector according to IEC 61754-4 .
  • Suitable for cable outer diameter 2.0 mm and 3mm

Technical Details:

Typical MAX Typical MAX Typical MAX
Insertion loss ≥45dB ≤0.35dB ≤0.15 ≤0.35dB ≤0.05 ≤0.30dB
Return loss ≥45dB ≥55dB ≥30dB
Durability 500 mating cycles
Working temperature -40 to + 85℃

FTTH Fiber Optic LC/UPC SingleMode Fast ConnectorFTTH Fiber Optic LC/UPC SingleMode Fast Connector

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