FTTH Optical Grating Reflector SC/APC FBG

FTTH Optical Grating Reflector SC/APC FBG

FTTH Optical Grating Reflector SC/APC FBG 1650nm fiber grating optical filter is the important components in the field of Optical communications link to detect. The principle is equivalent to a band-pass filter, which completely reflects light from 1643.5nm to 1656.5nm back (the return ratio is over 99.5%) and all other wavelengths of light pass through. Used in the field of communication can be separated communication light (C + L band) and detection of light, to prevent the detection of light through to the communication signal impaction, and can detect the return light at the control. All aspects of fiber grating indicators are stronger than the coating method.



  • Detection and maintenance of Passive Optical Network lines (applied to FTTx).


  • High stability and reliability.
  • Remote real-time detection.
  • Low insertion loss.
  • Easy connection for adapter structure.
  • Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-CORE, Telcordia GR-1221-CORE
  • Compliant with RoHS.

Technical Details:

Item Parameter Specification Unit Remarks
1 Wavelength Range Pass Band 1260~1625 nm
Reflect Band 1644.5~1655.5 nm





Pass Band



≤0.8 dB @1260~1360
≤0.8 dB @1460~1600
≤1.0 dB @1600~1625


>35 dB @1260~1580
>30 dB @1580~1620
>20 dB @1620~1625
3 Reflect Band IL >21 dB @1644.5~1655.5
ORL ≤1.0 dB @1644.5~1655.5
4 PDL ≤0.4 dB @1260~1600
5 Ripple ≤0.6 dB @1644.5~1655.5
6 TDL ≤0.5 dB @1260~1600
7 Max Power Optical Handling 27 dBm
8 Plug Time >500 Times
9 Connector Mode SC/APC
10 Transmission Direction Bidirectional

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