MTP MPO-LC Sliding Type Fiber Optical Cassette

MTP MPO-LC Sliding Type Fiber Optical Cassette

MPO fiber cassette is mainly used for data center with the security transactions between MPO pre-terminated trunk cable and LC or SC connectors. They are installed in the 19 “1U-3U fiber patch panels. LC or SC adapters are installed in the front panels. MPO adapters and pre-terminated trunk cable are installed in the rear panels. Plug-and-play modular structure enables quick deployment of data center fiber infrastructure and improve troubleshooting and reconfiguration after relocating, increasing and changing the cables. 100% of the terminals are terminated in the factory and rigorously tested to ensure minimal insertion loss. They are applicable to IDC and FTTB pre-wired systems and to Ethernet transmission. The cassettes are suitable for future 40G / 100G system applications. They are able to meet the full demands of high speed networks with convenient for upgrading



Implementation of the structured cabling in Data Centers


  • Excellent transmission performance is 100% factory pre-terminated and tested
  • The adoption of universal polarity design ensures the correct fiber polarity and the variety of polarity to be chosen in the system
  • Flexible expansion, modular design
  • Super bend-bright fiber, minimum fiber bending radius, minimized structure
  • One-hand operation
  • Smooth upgrade to next generation data center of 40GbE and 100GbE applications
  • Metal shell design, good intensity, effective protection for internal fiber branch parts
  • Compliant with TIA / EIA604-D-2007, IEC61754-7-2008 series standards

Technical Details:

Item Single mode Module IL (Max) Multimode Module IL (Max)
Standard 1.0 dB 1.0 dB
Low Loss 0.7 dB 0.7 dB
Ultra-Low-Loss 0.5 dB 0.35 dB

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