Pre-terminated Cable

Pre-terminated Cable

GKoptic’s pre-terminated cabling system provides Singlemode and Multimode cable assemblies with all standard type of connectors. Our manufacturing process ensures unsurpassed connector and cable performance. These high quality cable assemblies are ready to install upon arrival, its easy plug-and-play technology helps to reduce installation time and costs.



  • Connected with trunk cables on one end, equipment port on the other end.
  • Connected with transfer modules on one end, equipment port on the other end.

Features And Options

  • Multimode & singlemode connectors SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000
  • Ultra polished connectors(UPC) and angle polished connectors(APC)
  • Available at OS1, OM2,OM3,OM4.
  • Available at 1M, 2M,3M,5M,10M,XXM.
  • 4 cores,8 cores,16cores,32cores breakout versions
  • OFNP plenum jacket Or LSZH Jacket.
  • Full traceability & test certificate supplied with each assembly
  • 100% tested for Insertion loss and return loss
  • Bend insensitive fibers of G657A/B
  • OM4 fibers 10 Gigs at 550 meters
  • Any color of cable jacket and connectors available
  • Cable printing
  • Private labeling or OEM packaging

Technical Details:

Performance Level Standard Elite
Connector Mode Endface IL(max) (dB) RL(min) (dB) IL(max) (dB) RL(min) (dB)
LC/SC/FC/ST SM APC ≤0.30 ≥60 ≤0.20 ≥65
UPC ≤0.20 ≥50 ≤0.10 ≥50
MM PC ≤0.20 ≥30 ≤0.10 ≥30
Mechanical Properties
Item Criteria Conformance
△IL After 50 Matings MPO/MTP ≤0.3dB GR-1435
△IL After 500 Matings LC/SC/FC/ST ≤0.2dB IEC 61300-2-2
Min Bend Radius (Dynamic) 20*OD (Cable Diameter)
Min Bend Radius (Static ) 15*OD (Cable Diameter)
Environment Conditions
Item Criteria Conformance
Operation Temperature -40~60°C IEC 61753-1
Storage Temperature -45~85°C

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