Fiber Optic In-line Closure GKCJ09H6-B

Fiber Optic In-line Closure GKCJ09H6-B

GKCJ09H6-B inline closure is a piece of versatile fiber optic connection equipment applicable to fusion splice, fiber storage and distribution.



  • Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon fibers
  • Aerial, duct, direct burial, and well
  • Trunk lines
  • Access networks
  • FTTX, access networks and broadband


  • Ports: 3 inlets and 3 outlets, 4 for φ10-20mm cables, 2 for φ16~28mm cables;
  • Capacity: bundle: 5pcs 36-core splice trays, max. 180F, or ribbon: max. 720F
  • Sealing: bolt structure for tightening, IP68
  • Installation: aerial, bracket mounting, duct mounting, manhole, handhole;
  • Double pressing buckles for cable securing, ensuring accurate cable placement as well as cable torsion, tension, pressure and bending performance;
  • Satisfactory space for the placement of fiber joints and fiber storage, preventing the joints from being influenced by the external environment.

Technical Details:

Type Dimensions (mm)) Weight (kg) Inner Carton (mm)) Outer Carton (mm)
GKCJ09H6-B 648×254×158 6.0~7.0kg 660×280×180 680×580×400(4 PCS)

Product Photos:

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